Balmoral Class

(Years 3-5)

The 3 – 5 nursery is located on the lower ground floor and is divided into four open plan areas. This caters for our 3-5 year old children whose daily routine prepares them for their move to school.

The rooms are well equipped with a book corner, a role play area, construction area and creative area for messy play, as well as a child focused IT system which the children all have access to.

As part of our nursery curriculum the 3-5 children benefit from extra-curricular activities a week. We will soon be implementing Stretch ‘n’ Grow is a fun based exercise class which teaches the children about different parts of the body and the changes they notice when they exercise. French or Spanish will also be coming soon too!

The children have free flow between indoors and outdoors. This allows them to continue their learning experience in both environments. We are currently planning to redevelopment a large area of outdoor space located right next to us!
3 – 5’s have their own brightly decorated toilets with fun murals and mirrors to encourage independence!

Areas of learning incorporates a wet area for sand, water and messy craft activities as well as having a separate quiet room with books, colouring and a computer with an extra-large interactive whiteboard to encourage learning. There are also areas for a variety of free play, planned activities, group and one-one teaching.

Ofsted requirements are a staffing ratio of 1:8. We operate higher levels of adult to child ratios as we believe it is so important to give your child as much care, attention and education as possible.


The 3 – 5’s plan around the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. The new statutoty curriculum consists of 3 prime areas of learning and 4 specific areas of learning:


  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development  


  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Art and Design

 Various activities are planned throughout the week linked to the curriculum and the topic. The children have opportunities to continue an activity already started or try something again if they want to. Some activities will be child initiated and others will be planned through key areas of learning which motivate and encourage children to develop to their full potential. Key workers will also use evaluations and observation to inform and support specific key skills through small group or 1-1 time with their key children.

Children within the nursery are encouraged to be more independent in preparation for school. This may be through encouraging self help skills, working together with their peers or accessing resources related to the current topic.

Free childcare

Under the Nursery Education Grant Scheme every child over 3 years of age is entitled to 15 hours of childcare each week during term time.

With us you can simply take your fifteen hours and pay nothing or top up your free sessions - the choice is yours!


  • Full day: between 7am - 7pm
  • Half day: any 6 hours during 7am - 7pm.
  • Pre – School: Morning 9am - 12pm  and/or Afternoon 12pm – 3pm