Sandringham Class

(Years 2-3)

We offer free 2 year old funding (15 hours free per week). Please phone for more details.



The Toddlers benefit from a two rooms which are equipped with a book corner, numeracy area, knowledge and understanding, construction area to develop coordination and an interactive whiteboard system. They also benefit from a dedicated home corner which encourages their role-play. They have the flexibility to include a “messy area” for children to develop their sensory experiences. As part of our nursery curriculum the Toddler room children benefit from Stretch ‘n’ Grow.

This is a fun based exercise class which teaches the children about different parts of the body and the changes they notice when they exercise.The toddlers have access to their own dedicated colourful bathroom which also includes a dedicated nappy changing area.We also have provisions for children who are potty training and work with parents to help ease the transition from nappies to being toilet trained.Our adult to child ratio operates higher than Ofsted requirements at 1:3.





The toddlers group, plan around the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Planning always includes a variety of craft and malleable activities which are linked to the current topic, as well as incorporating special occasions such as Mother's day, Valentine's day, Christmas etc. Play opportunities are offered that are enjoyable, age and stage appropriate and promote intellectual, physical, language, emotional and social development. Children are assessed informally daily and details are noted in parent communication books. We hold parent’s evenings once every half-term to ensure you are always up to date with the progress your child is making. We produce reports for parents every term showing their child’s progress and next steps. Education is fundamental to Monarchs as we believe that children who make a good start in their Nursery will achieve higher in Key Stage 1 and 2.


Throughout the day a variety of activities are planned using information from observations and evaluations to encourage individual specific skills. During this time teachers and key workers have the opportunity to work with their individual key children. Group activities take place daily and regular one to one work is carried out to ensure your child is receiving the very best education.

There are opportunities throughout the day for group time when children join in with rhymes and songs and take part in story time/circle time. A role play home corner and a selection of books are available at all times for children to access.

A typical day

  • 7:00 Child led play / Key Times
  • 8:00 Breakfast!
  • 8:30 Imaginary / Skills Play
  • 9:15 Circle time (welcome song time)
  • 9:20 Adult led activity
  • 9:30 Soft Play
  • 10:30 Sleep time
  • 11:55 Story time
  • 12:00 Get ready for Lunch (wash our hands)
  • 12:05 Lunchtime!
  • 12:30 Circle time
  • 13:00 Adult led activity
  • 13:20 Dance
  • 13:30 Child led play / Key Times
  • 14:20 Creative / Messy Play
  • 15:00 Sleep Time
  • 16:30 Tea Time!
  • 17:00 Song / Story Time!
  • 17:20 Child led play
  • 19:00 Home time

Singing and counting before every meal time.
Our routine is flexible and in response to individual child’s interest, age, developmental stage and needs.

We follow the same sleep and meal routines as home to ensure consistency!

Download a Typical day Here

Settling ins

We encourage you and your child to visit two or three times prior to starting. These sessions need to be pre-booked with the Childcare Manager or the Room Leader. There is no charge for these sessions. Settling sessions are normally 2 hours and can be booked at times at your convenience.

On the first visit we suggest you stay with your child for one to two hours depending on the child's age and previous nursery experience. This gives you a chance to spend time with your child's key worker to discuss issues such as sleep patterns and dietary requirements.

We do offer a second visit and we suggest on this occasion, you stay with your child until they are happy for you to leave. We may suggest that you leave the Nursery and go off into town for an hour or so. We always encourage parents to say "goodbye" to their child.

If after these two visits your child is still not settled, then we will suggest another settling in session. This will depend on the child. Some settle very quickly and others take longer. If your child becomes unsettled when you leave them at any time over the first few weeks of starting Nursery, please feel free to ring and ask how they are.


Full day: between 7am - 7pm

Half day: any 6 hours during 7am - 7pm.

3 hour sessions also available 9am - 12pm / 12pm - 3pm